Hello… We are Buokids


A small large family formed by mother and father designers, three kids and a group of collaborators. How do we started? By making paper screens to cover the plastic cable and the bulb hunging from the ceiling, in our kid’s room …. About 8 years ago. One of our friends, liked it for his son’s room, and so, we sold our first lamp. Little by little we were covering up bulbs until We came up with the idea of Buokids.

Since then we have created a few lamps for our catalogue. All of them have gone through the room of our kids and other children, Who are our most demanding costumers. Is there anyone more practical and creative than a child? His comments: “This lamp will not let me read..” “Can We let the clouds come in?” “Dad, do you know that koalas sleep a lot?”. And so they have made us to rectify many of our ideas, providing a magical, simple and functional viewpoint to all our designs.

Besides our kids, we are accompanied by Javier, friend and designer of some of our models. Rosa, a very skilled seamstress who puts her soul into every screen that She sews by hand and Jorge who tries to order the chaotic brains of a couple of designers. Ah! And our close suppliers: artisans, turners, weavers who care for us and make our lives easier. That’s why our productions are short and local. To control the quality and pampering the finishes. This way of manufacturing ,much more sustainable, has not avoid our lamps to be sold in Europe and reach places as far away from us as Australia or Korea.